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Archive for the ‘Announcement’ Category

Return of the Pagan Librarian

Posted by Pagan Librarian on January 6, 2015

After a too-long hiatus, I am excited to share: circumstances have changed and I now have time to return to the site and take up old projects.

To solidify and celebrate, I purchased the domain and the site is now a “more official” .com! It’s the little things, right? During my absence, I continued to collect and archive emails, links and info, and for the last few days, it has been a joy to finally go through them, skimming them for info and now being able to DO something with them; to share the info, to make it useful; to hopefully create something new and contribute to a bigger-picture something.

If during this last long break you submitted a request for information and received no response – my apologies for failing your expectations. By now, you may have found the information on your own, or else it no longer may not be any good to you – but I still would like to follow through and take the time to search and research what I can to answer your queries, and will post my findings here on the blog. It is good exercise and challenge for me as I get back into the swing, and others may find interest and/or benefit.

With the site becoming active again, I look forward to new interactions, new challenges and new exchanges of information and sharing of ideas and more.

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New Academic Journal ‘Correspondences’ to print 1st Issue in June 2013

Posted by Pagan Librarian on January 30, 2013

Logo image for Academic Journal Correspondences

Editors: Jimmy Elwing and Aren Roukema

A new academic journal on the study of Western esotericism, Correspondences is a new, biannual online journal devoted to the academic study of Western esotericism. The journal seeks to create a public academic forum devoted to discussion and exposition of issues and currents in the field commonly known as ‘Western esotericism.’ The editors acknowledge that the use of “Western esotericism” as an umbrella term for a widely variant field of alternate scientific and religious ideas is problematic. Thus, articles related to esoteric currents from other global cultural centres may be accepted if a connection to alternative currents in “western culture” is implicitly established. The following list of areas of study is provided for clarification:

Alchemy, Anthroposophy, Astrology, Eco-spirituality, Esotericism in art, literature, and music, Freemasonry, Geomancy, Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Illuminism, Initiatory secret societies, Kabbalah, Magic, Mesmerism, Mysticism, Naturphilosophie, Neo-paganism, New Age, Occultism, Occulture, Paracelsianism, Rosicrucianism, Satanism, Spiritualism, Theosophy, Traditionalism, Ufology, Witchcraft.

Correspondences intends to promote a wide forum of interdisciplinary debate regarding such areas of study, and therefore does not require academic credentials as a prerequisite for publication. Students and non-affiliated academics are encouraged to join established researchers in submitting insightful, well-researched articles that offer new ideas, positions, or information to the field.

Call for Papers

We are currently accepting book reviews (max. 1500 words) and articles (5000-10000 words) for our first issue. The deadline for submission is February 28. Following a peer-review process, the first issue will be published June 1, 2013. Manuscripts should be submitted as per our submission guidelines, available at Please send your manuscript and any enquiries to

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Witches & Pagans Magazine Announces Two New Columnists

Posted by Pagan Librarian on January 29, 2013

Witches & Pagans Magazine released this news for January:

I’m very excited to announce the addition of two new columnists at Witches&Pagans magazine with our upcoming spring issue “Element of Fire.” Contemplative Pagan, bard, and prolific blogger Teo Bishop is a regular contributor to HuffPost Religion and The Wild Hunt as well as the organizer of Solitary Druid Fellowship . In his new column “Letters in the Grove” (based on his popular blog Bishop in the Grove) Teo will responds to reader questions about authentic Pagan living.

 No one in contemporary Druidism (or the post-Peak Oil movement) could fail to notice the presence of philosopher, gadfly, and author John Michael Greer (featured in the cover interview of PanGaia #48.) His first book, Paths of Wisdom, appeared in 1996 and has been followed by more than thirty more nonfiction works since. Greer is the Grand Archdruid of the Ancient Order of Druids in America (AODA), a Druid Revival order founded in 1912, and also writes extensively on the future of industrial society at the end of the age of fossil fuels at his blog The Arch Druid Report. He brings his wit, wisdom, and penetrating eye on the foibles of the contemporary Pagan scene to Witches&Pagans with his new column “The Operative Druid.”

Congratulations to Bishop & Greer!

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Announcement: Site Reactivated!

Posted by Pagan Librarian on November 24, 2012

Though never far away in the back of my mind were thoughts and ideas for projects and development, admittedly I had put the site and my role as “Pagan Librarian” on hiatus while I focused more time and energy toward home and career. You may have noticed that the site has just received it’s first post and update since January this year.

It was while I was reorganizing my home office and I came across papers and notebooks related to the site (and having some honest-to-goodness downtime) that I decided to check in after all this time. I logged in to the site, into the email, into the survey and was blown away.

In 11 months with absolutely no update activity to the site, it’s averaged 280 hits per month. Site visits are on the rise and have already over-taken last year’s total of 2,761 hits (with updates) with 3,089 so far with none. I’ve counted over 100 emails from people contributing information to the site, 74 survey respondents, 26 new followers to the blog (I haven’t even checked how many new followers on Twitter), over 20 requests for reviews, and a contract offer for doing a monthly column with an ezine.

This isn’t a a big site, and these aren’t astronomical figures, but they are big to me.

Thank you, all of you, who have contacted me throughout these months. I am so encouraged by your positive feedback, and so happy to discover that the site, which started just as a personal project, has turned out to be so useful!

With that, I’d like to announce that the site is back to active status. I look forward to your continued feedback, contributions, info requests, and discussion! 🙂

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Pagan Fiction: The Great Succession Crisis

Posted by Pagan Librarian on November 23, 2012

Great Succession CrisisTitle: The Great Succession Crisis (Book 1 of The Peers of Beinan trilogy)
Author: Laurel A. Rockefeller
ISBN: 9781479144808 (paperback); 9781476243344 (digital);  9781479159949 (large print paperback)
Pub Date: August 2012
Format: Trade Paperback, 186 pgs

Princess Anlei is the rightful heiress to Queen Isabelle’s throne, well educated and politically astute. Only one thing stands in the way: she’s a woman.

Now who she marries will seal the fate of the Gurun dynasty and shape the future of all Beinan for hundreds of yen-ars.

Both the book and Kindle E-Book includes prequel short story “The First King,” and chapter one of book two, “Ghosts of the Past.”

Of especial interest to pagans is the author’s setting on the planet Beinan with its goddess-centric culture lead by its priestly house, Miyoo.

Anlei’s maternal grandmother Wehe is High Priestess of the planet. Anlei herself struggles with her Miyoo heritage and the expectation that she will follow in her grandmother’s footsteps. Five yen-ars from coming of age, Anlei begins The Great Succession Crisis as religious skeptic, even while her psychic abilities from her Miyoo blood manifest.

As a psychic empath who has long struggled with her own abilities, especially with regards to her natural scientific instincts, Anlei reflects what the author, Rockefeller, has long struggled with as a person of both faith and science.

Laurel A. Rockefeller identifies herself as a Celtic-Ecletic Wiccan. The Great Succession Crisis is the first installment of her self published trilogy, Peers of Beinan. To learn more about this new series, visit Laurel has also been added to the Pagan Authors page.

Available in paperbackGreat Succession Crisis
(Volume 1)
Available for KindleThe Great Succession Crisis
(The Peers of Beinan)

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eBook Announcement: Contemporary Druidry

Posted by Pagan Librarian on December 6, 2010

Just received an announcement that this title is available to purchase for a variety of eReaders, including the Kindle, Sony Reader, or Nook; and can also be downloaded through Smashwords and Diesel eBook Store.  A trade paper back version of the title is still in negotiation.

Title: Contemporary Druidry: A Historical and Ethnographic Study
Author: Michael T. Cooper
ISBN: 978-1-4524-7132-7
View Sample at Google Books
Price: $10.99

The following is a review from Dr. Michael York, professor (retired) of sociology of religion at Bath Spa University College and author of Pagan Theology: Paganism as a World Religion (New York University Press, 2003).\

“Michael T. Cooper’s Contemporary Druidry: A Historical and Ethnographic Study is a profoundly sensitive account of a pagan identity from an Evangelical Christian researcher. The work amounts to an interfaith breakthrough. Not only a sympathetic and enlightening understanding of Druidry itself, but Cooper also manages to open the possibilities of intellectual and empathetic exchange between a pagan position and a Christian one. Comfortably grounded with a balance of sociological tools and understandings, Cooper’s remarkably human and informative narrative holds appeal to the insider as well as outsider, to the generally curious as well as those with specific interest. . . . In all, this intelligently and well-written study of the Celtic Druid faith is one to be highly recommended.”

You can read more at the Sacred Tribes Journal.

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Book Announcement: Emerging Goddess

Posted by Pagan Librarian on November 2, 2010

This one is a bit late, but still worth posting.

The Emerging Goddess
Photos by Paul Bleiden
Poetry by Madrline Sharples
Introduction by Wendy Griffin
Hardcover, 93 pages, 11.25″ x 8.75″

From the back cover:

“The theme of the book is the joy of life and the awakening of the soul, the untapped potential of women, and the untapped awareness of women to their power.

“The goddesses among us have a long history dating back to the beginning of time.

“Here inserted among these images is the basis for THE EMERGING GODDESS. A premise that the Goddesses among us are destined to rule and to provide wisdom to the world. We hope that the images and poetry provide the impetus for you to grow, to be nurtured by your innate wisdom, and enable you to take control of your destiny.”

Order information can be found here. This page also provides a Flash page-turning preview of the book.

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Book Announcement: Contesting Human Remains

Posted by Pagan Librarian on October 28, 2010

Talk about timely! After articles started springing up about museums removing, hiding or partially covering human remains in their collections such as mummies for fear of offending certain spiritual minority groups (Pagans), this gem emerged.

Contesting Human Remains in Museum Collections
The Crisis of Cultural Authority
By Tiffany Jenkins

ISBN: 978-0-415-87960-6
Publish Date: October 21st 2010
Publisher: Routledge
Pages: 174 pages

Contents include:

1.Transforming Concerns about Human Remains into an Issue
2. Scientists Contest Repatriation
3.The Crisis of Cultural Authority
4.The Rise and Impact of Pagan Claims-Makers
5. Explaining Why Human Remains Are the Problem
6. Covering Up the Mummies.
Concluding Thoughts

More information, including a more in-depth description and purchase info, can be found here.

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Book Announcement: Buffy in the Classroom

Posted by Pagan Librarian on October 26, 2010

Admittedly not hard-core Pagan, but of some interest… at least interest-ing. 🙂

Buffy in the Classroom
Essays on Teaching with the Vampire Slayer
Edited by Jodie A. Kreider and Meghan K. Winchell

ISBN 978-0-7864-5964-3
notes, bibliographies, index
231pp. softcover (7 x 10) 2010


SYNOPSIS: This book combines the academic and practical aspects of teaching by exploring the ways in whichBuffy the Vampire Slayer is taught, internationally, through both interdisciplinary and discipline-based approaches. Essays describe how Buffy can be used to explain–and encourage further discussion of–television’s narrative complexity, archetypal characters, morality, feminism, identity, ethics, non-verbal communication, film production, media and culture, censorship, and Shakespeare, among other topics.

AUTHOR: Jodie A. Kreider is an academic historian and lecturer in arts, humanities and social sciences at the University of Denver. Her work has been published in the North American Journal of Welsh Studies. Meghan K. Winchell is an associate professor of history at Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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Book Announcement: Graven Images

Posted by Pagan Librarian on October 20, 2010

Just released by Continuum Press, a leading independent academic publisher,  is Graven Images: Religion in Comic Books and Graphic Novels, edited by A. David Lewis and Christine Hoff Kraemer.

This is a collection of essays from a number of authors who examine a wide range of comic material. Comics that receive attention in the book include, but are not limited to, are: Alan Moore’s Promethea and From Hell; Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles; Neil Gaiman’s Sandman; Preacher; Blankets, and many others.

A preview of the book can be found on the publisher’s website.

I also have a sneak peek at the Table of Contents. Definitely has my interest as something shelf-worthy!


Foreword: Looking for God in the Gutter
Douglas Rushkoff (Creator, Testament; The New School)

Christine Hoff Kraemer (Cherry Hill Seminary) and A. David Lewis (Boston University), editors

The Devil’s Reading: Revenge and Revelation in American Comics
Aaron Ricker Parks (McGill University)

London (& the Mind) as Sacred-Desecrated Place in Alan Moore’s From Hell
Emily Taylor Merriman (San Francisco State University)

Drawing Contracts: Will Eisner’s Legacy
Laurence Roth (Susquehanna University)

Catholic American Citizenship: Prescriptions for Children from Treasure Chest of Fun and Fact (1946-1963)
Anne Blankenship (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Gold Plates, Inked Pages: The Authority of the Graphic Novel
G. St. John Stott (Arab American University, Jenin)

Comics and Religion: Theoretical Connections
Darby Orcutt (North Carolina State University)

Killing the Graven God: Visual Representations of the Divine in Comics
Andrew Tripp (Boston University)

Echoes of Eternity: Hindu Reincarnation Motifs in Superhero Comic Books
Saurav Mohapatra (Creator, India Authentic)

The Christianizing of Animism in Manga and Anime: American Translations of Hayao Miyazaki’s Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
Eriko Ogihara-Schuck (Dortmund University of Technology)

On Preacher (Or, the Death of God in Pictures)
Mike Grimshaw, University of Canterbury

Superman Graveside: Superhero Salvation beyond Jesus
A. David Lewis (Creator, The Lone and Level Sands)

“The Apocalypse of Adolescence”: Use of the Bildungsroman and Superheroic Tropes in Mark Millar & Peter Gross’s Chosen
Julia Round (Bournemouth University)

From God Nose to God’s Bosom, Or How God (and Jack Jackson) Began Underground Comics
Clay Kinchen Smith (Santa Fe College)

A Hesitant Embrace: Comic Books and Evangelicals
Kate Netzler (Independent Scholar)

Narrative and Pictorial Dualism in Persepolis and the Emergence of Complexity
Kerr Houston, (Maryland Institute College of Art).

Machina Ex Deus: Perennialism in Comics
G. Willow Wilson (Creator, Cairo)

Conversion to Narrative: Magic as Religious Language in Grant Morrison’s Invisibles
Megan Goodwin (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

“The Magic Circus of the Mind”: Alan Moore’s Promethea and the Transformation of Consciousness through Comics
Christine Hoff Kraemer (Cherry Hill Seminary) and J. Lawton Winslade (DePaul University)

Religion and Artesia / Religion in Artesia
Mark Smylie (Creator, Artesia)

Present Gods, Absent Believers in Sandman
Emily Ronald (Boston University)

Tell Tale Visions: The Erotic Theology of Craig Thompson’s Blankets
Steve Jungkeit (Yale University)

Selected Bibliography


Check it out! I have included the press release for more information.

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