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Updates this Week: Academic Journals

Posted by Pagan Librarian on March 1, 2015

For a little over 3 years now I’ve had a digital list of journals I’ve come across I thought may be relevant. I am finally adding their info here to the site. At the top menu bar of the site there is a link for Bibliographies. On that page will be an growing list of links to be fleshed out over time. A page who’s link is now live and content being added to this week is Academic Journals.

In short, Academic Journals are your go-to place for research: if you’re looking to dig a little deeper into the background, history and “why” of things. Articles are research-based and often peer-reviewed (think: checks and balance system so writers aren’t just ‘making things up’). If you’re in a re-constructionist tradition, these are great sources to build your understanding of the history, geography, influences and philosophies of the culture you are building a connection with.

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