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Return of the Pagan Librarian

Posted by Pagan Librarian on January 6, 2015

After a too-long hiatus, I am excited to share: circumstances have changed and I now have time to return to the site and take up old projects.

To solidify and celebrate, I purchased the domain and the site is now a “more official” .com! It’s the little things, right? During my absence, I continued to collect and archive emails, links and info, and for the last few days, it has been a joy to finally go through them, skimming them for info and now being able to DO something with them; to share the info, to make it useful; to hopefully create something new and contribute to a bigger-picture something.

If during this last long break you submitted a request for information and received no response – my apologies for failing your expectations. By now, you may have found the information on your own, or else it no longer may not be any good to you – but I still would like to follow through and take the time to search and research what I can to answer your queries, and will post my findings here on the blog. It is good exercise and challenge for me as I get back into the swing, and others may find interest and/or benefit.

With the site becoming active again, I look forward to new interactions, new challenges and new exchanges of information and sharing of ideas and more.

2 Responses to “Return of the Pagan Librarian”

  1. lisaspiral said

    good to see you back!

  2. Gina V said

    I’m happy you’re back too!

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